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Travel Coverage Questions

What is covered? (Guidelines and Definitions)

As with any insurance plan, it is important to check the details of your contract to ensure you are protected. Please review complete details of the coverage and exclusions under the ARM deluxe travel insurance plan.


What do I do for trips longer than 95 days?

If you are planning a trip that will be longer than 95 days or you require more than the allotted $6,000 interruption or cancellation limit, top-up coverage is available to you through 21st Century Travel Insurance, under the Medicare International.
For information on the OTIP Top-up Plan, contact 21st Century at 1-800-567-0021.


I am going on a trip that starts before my ARM health plan coverage begins. Will I be covered?

If you depart on your trip prior to the effective date of your ARM policy, your coverage will begin the day your ARM policy comes into effect. The 95-day limit will begin from the day you departed.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage are not available if you depart prior to the effective date of your ARM policy. However, in the event of trip interruption, return airfare is covered if the expense is incurred after the effective date of your ARM policy.

Who do I call in case of medical emergency?

If you are admitted to the hospital, you must call for emergency assistance within 24 hours. Failure to do so may result in your claim being delayed or denied. Be sure to travel with your provincial health insurance number and the health number for each member of your family.


If you experience a medical emergency while travelling, please contact Allianz Global Assistance, formerly Mondial Assistance, immediately or as soon as possible at the numbers listed on the back of your benefits card.

**Countries participating in the international toll-free number:

Argentina  Denmark Japan Portugal
Australia Finland Korea (South) South Africa
Austria France  Singapore Spain
Belgium Germany Luxembourg Sweden
China Hungary Macao Switzerland
Colombia Ireland Malaysia Taiwan
Costa Rica Israel Netherlands Norway
  Italy New Zealand U.K.


How are my payments arranged?

If a medical emergency happens outside your province of residence and the cost of services provided by a hospital or physician are beyond your immediate ability to pay, call or ask the physician or hospital administration to call the emergency help line.


The emergency assistance centre (Allianz Global Assistance) will confirm your coverage and arrange payment on your behalf whenever possible. You don't need to do anything else until an authorization and claim form is sent to you for signing.


Once this form is signed and returned, benefits will be coordinated on your behalf with the government insurance plan and the Insurer.

What if I paid for the expenses myself?

If you have paid for eligible expenses yourself (e.g. hospital or medical costs, accommodation charges, transportation fees), follow these steps:

  • collect detailed receipts and include the medical diagnosis for each receipt submitted
  • provide your ARM health plan and provincial health insurance plan and identification numbers, as well as the patient's date of birth
  • provide proof of departure and return dates
  • complete an authorization and claim form
  • provide translation for claims in languages other than English and French
  • submit all claims within six months of occurrence

Do not submit to OHIP. The Insurer will submit the claim to OHIP for you.


Are timeshare vacations covered?

The Insurer considers timeshare vacations to be similar to owning your own vacation property. Timeshare fees and accommodation charges are not covered as a “pre-paid accommodation”.




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